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Pam Dawber

By Dawbfan

Pam Dawber was born on October 18, 1951, in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Pam Dawber grew up in Detroit, where her father was a commercial artist and her mother ran a stock-photo agency. She obtained her initial education from North Farmington High School and later Oakland Community College. She began her career as a fashion model as a famous Wilhelmina Model and went on to a career as an actress.

In 1978, she made her first film appearance in Robert Altman's “A Wedding”. Soon after, she was cast as Mindy McConnell in the sitcom Mork and Mindy in which she played “straight man” to Robin Williams. The series ran for 4 seasons (1978-1982).

When Mork and Mindy ended, Dawber began making appearances in film. The first of these endeavors was 1982’s “Remembrance of Love” with Kirk Douglas. In 1986, she was top-billed in another successful TV comedy, My Sister Sam, playing Samantha Russell along with Rebecca Schaeffer, who played Patti, her 16 year old sister who came to live with her. When the series ended after only two seasons, she went back to making movies. She appeared in such films as “A Child’s Cry for Help”, “A Stranger to Love”, “Don’t Look Behind You”, and the box office smash, “Stay Tuned” opposite John Ritter.

In addition to her acting skills, Dawber possesses a soprano voice with a four-octave range. She used that talent to appear in the Gilbert & Sullivan production “The Pirates of Penzance”.

Pam Dawber has been the national spokesperson for Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America for over twenty years.

On March 21, 1987, she married actor Mark Harmon, with whom she has two sons: Sean Thomas Harmon (born April 26, 1988) and Tyrone "Ty" Christian Harmon (born June 25, 1992).

Pam Dawber Quotes:
- "It's like a train pulls up to your door, and either you get on it or you let it go by. And I just always got on the train."
- "I am so grateful for my life. I've had really hard times, but then so have most people. But I'm grateful for having been able to come out the other side of it."


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