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Elizabeth Kerr

by Dawbfan

Elizabeth Kerr was born on August 15, 1912, in Kansas City, Missouri. She appeared in several theatrical and television movies. Her movie credits include: “Yellow Stockings: (1930), “Letters from an Unknown Woman” (1949), “Six Bridges to Cross” (1955), and “Mother and Daughter: the Loving War” (1980). She appeared on a number of sitcoms, including “The Betty White Show”, “The Bob Newhart Show”, “Rhoda, “Mr. Belvedere”, “The Facts of Life”, “Punky Brewster” and “Gimme A Break”. But, she is best known for her role as Mindy’s feisty Grandmother, Cora Hudson in the sitcom, “Mork and Mindy”. After the first season, she, along with Conrad Janis, who played Mindy’s father, Fred McConnell, were dropped from the cast after the producers decided to retool the show. After the ratings plummeted, the producers realized that they had made a mistake and Janis was rehired for the third and fourth seasons, but Kerr was only brought back to do one episode in season 3, titled “Old Muggable Mork” and seven episodes in season 4: “Limited Engagement”, “The wedding”, “The Honeymoon”, “Long Before We Met”, “Rich Mork, Poor Mork”, “I Don’t Remember Mama”, and the last episode of the series, “The Mork Report”. After the series ended, Kerr continued to make appearances in movies and on television. Her last appearance was in the movie Frankie and Johnny in 1991.

Elizabeth Kerr passed away in Long Beach, California on January 13, 2000.


Frankie and Johnny 1991 - Senior Citizen Customer
Something in Common 1986 - Aunt Rose
Pleasures 1986 – Mrs. Gilroy
The Facts of Life: "Born Too Late" 1985 - Edna Fisher
Highway to Heaven - 1984
Punky Brewster 1984 - Agnes
After MASH 1984 - Elsie May Tanner
Going Berserk 1983 - Grandmother Reese
Trama Center 1983 - Mrs. Simmons
St. Elsewhere 1983 - Aunt Sirca
Gimme a Break 1981 - Mildred Kanisky
The Dukes of Hazard: "The Canterbury Crock 1981 - Emma Partridge
House Calls 1981 - Ida
Dennis the Menace: "Mayday For Mother" 1981 - Voice of Martha Wilson
Mother and Daughter: The Loving War 1980 – Mrs. Thatcher
Why Would I lie? 1980 - Customer
Mother and Daughter: "The Loving War" 1980 - Mrs. Thatcher
Survival Run 1979 - Cafe Lady
Mork and Mindy - 1978-1979: 1981-1982 - Cora Hudson
The One Man Jury 1978 - Maid
Your Place or Mine? 1978 – Mrs. Hicks; Kelly's employer
Carter Country 1977 - Fanny
The Betty White Show 1977 - John's Mother Elliott
Dogs 1977 – Mrs. McDougal
The Bob Newhart Show: My Son the Comedian - 1977
Emergency! 1976 - Mrs. Evans
One Day At A Time 1975 - Helen
Police Woman 1974 - Mrs. Edgeworth
Hitchhike! 1974 - Agatha Carlyle
The Waltons: The Runaway - 1974
Adam-12: Rampart Division -1973
Matilda - Mrs. Hardy
Six Bridges to Cross 1955 - Governess
Messenger of Peace 1947 - Lottie Franzmeirer
Letters from an Unknown Woman (1949)
Yellow Stockings - 1930